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1,100+ Books
Elsevier’s world-renowned medical and surgical books, including
Abbas – Basic Immunology
Abbas – Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Boron & Boulpaep – Medical Physiology
Guyton and Hall – Textbook of Medical Physiology
Kumar – Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease
Paulsen – Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy
Paulsen – Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Internal Organs
Paulsen – Sobotta General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System
Paulsen – Tables of Muscles, Joints, and Nerves
Rang – Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology
Schoenwolf – Larsen’s Human Embryology

650+ Journals
More than 650 top journals from Elsevier, including 9 Lancet specialty titles, 22 Seminars in ….. titles and 24 Clinics of North America journals.

17,000+ Medical and Surgical Videos
A continuously updated library of searchable video content.

300+ Procedures Consult Videos and Articles
Step-by-step procedural videos and articles to teach techniques or simply help clinicians refresh their skills.

2,200,000+ Images
A continuously updated library of searchable images from trusted books and journals.

1,400+ Topic Pages
Quick clinical answers and summaries from Conn’s Current Therapy, Goldman’s Cecil Medicine, Ferri’s Clinical Advisor and First Consult.

50+ Clinics
Full-text medical and surgical clinical review articles.

850+ First Consult Monographs
Succinct trusted clinical answers for clinicians at the point of care.

2,900+ Drug Monographs
Continuously updated, with detailed information about hundreds of specific prescription drugs, over-the counter products, nutritional supplements, and herbals.

4,500+ Practice Guidelines
Full-text practice guidelines from journals, links to full-text guidelines from professional and government agencies, and summaries from the National Guideline Clearinghouse.

15,000+ Customizable Patient Education Handouts
Educational handouts that can incorporate institutional branding and special instructions, as well as the patient’s preferred language and text size.

MEDLINE Abstracts
Fully indexed, searchable abstracts retrieved daily from the National Library of Medicine.

Clinical Trials
Fully indexed, searchable clinical trials retrieved daily from the database.